The Delux Bass offers an entire sound spectrum of the most coveted traditional bass amp rigs, from vintage to modern styles.

You can also obtain overdriven sounds that typically require investing in a complex system with multiple rack effects. Balanced XLR output converts the instrument signal to a low impedance. This prevents signal loss and sound quality deterioration caused by long cable lengths and You can Bass preamp plug direct into a recording console or P.A. system.

You can also simultaneously plug straight into a power amp or conventional bass amp. As with each Gwires model, the controls are designed to give you the flexibility to customize your own sound.


  • Input Active Cable
  • 100% Analog
  • Active Tone Control
  • Independent DI-BOX
  • Presence Control
  • Fully equipped for stage or studio
  • High integrity buffered bypass
  • Silent switching
  • Tube Simulation
  • Input - 1Mohm
  • Input Active Cable - 5V
  • Input DI-BOX - 100k
  • Output - 10k
  • Output DI-BOX - 2k
  • Power Supply - DC9V Stabilized
  • Chassis Size (WxHxD) - 131x105x40(mm)
  • Weight - 0.55kg
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.