Active Cable

GWires is famous for its unconventional stompboxes equipped with an absolutely unique active cable input.


Highest quality
Active Cable

GWires produces the highest quality pedals meeting the following key criteria: Massive metal box. The highest quality professional connectors Each and every component has been meticulously tested to ensure a long and trouble free life.


No compromises are made
Active Cable

Only the very best components and circuitry are used in GWires pedals. No compromises are made. These pedals are built to sound great.

More Color Full Tone

Full of sound
GWires Active Cable

GWires offers a wide variety of effects, which can take your sound to places it has never been before. Whether you need subtle polished or full sonic immersion, GWires pedals will do the job reliably and professionally.

About Us

GWires Philosophy

We have put a lot of effort into developing our products. The result are an products which deliver an impeccable sound, and combines extreme versatility with ease of use.

The GWires is a great tool in the hands of any player, in search of that particular personal edge. The GWires pedals feature extensive sound shaping capabilities, enabling musicians to access a broad spectrum of analog tones during a live performance or in a recording environment.

20 years of experience in the music business has been invaluable during the development of our products.

GWires operates under the following principles:

We opt for quality over quantity. We prefer to remain small and agile.
We design for maximum value using the best parts and practices, but only when it results in a noticeable improvement in sound, appearance, or longevity.
We use modern design and assembly techniques, including double-sided PC boards and surface-mount components. Despite what others may claim, modern assembly techniques when properly implemented are far more reliable than "vintage" techniques (i.e., hand wiring, point-to-point, etc.).
Whenever practical to do so, we use local suppliers and buy parts from domestic sources. We work with local companies for PC board fabrication, assembly, and enclosure drilling. We believe that making good products is the best marketing strategy, and we rely on our happy customers to advertise for us.

We continually look for new ways to improve.
Each and every components has been meticulously tested, to ensure a long and trouble free life. We care about the environment. Our products are lead-free and RoHS compliant: no lead is used in the components that make up the products, and no lead is used in the assembly process itself.

Have a lot of fun and a great deal of success!